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The following is a list of awards granted by ASCLS-IL Members. If you wish to nominate someone for this award, please click on the link for the nomination form. All forms must be submitted by the published due date of the award to the Awards Committee.

Please email your nomination forms to the current Awards Committee co-chairs, listed below.

Awards Committee - 2017-2018:

Alexandra Vardouniotis (2017 Member of the Year recipient)
Sheila Gibbons (2017 Educator of the Year recipient)


ASCLS-IL Student of the Year Award

Due date: January 15

Purpose:  The Student Award recognizes a student member of the ASCLS-IL who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and contributed to the growth and development of the ASCLS-IL.

Download Form: PDF: Student of the Year Nomination Form

ASCLS-IL Educator of the Year Award

Due date: January 15

Purpose: This award serves to recognize an ASCLS-IL member/educator for outstanding achievements, contributions, and service to the professional and celebrates the value of professional ability and commitment.

Download Form: PDF: Educator of the Year Nomination form

ASCLS-IL Keys to the Future Award

Due date: January 15

Purpose: This award serves to recognize and reward ASCLS members who have demonstrated their leadership potential to the organization and to provide these members with structured mentoring.

  • Must be a new member (within three years), or a longstanding member who has recently increased his/her activity with the society
  • Must be an ASCLS member in the Professional I, Professional II, or Student categories of membership
  • Must have demonstrated leadership potential by directing at least one task force or project, chairing a committee with significant tasks, or performing exceptionally as a constituent society Board member or local/chapter officer; outcomes of this involvement must be considered outstanding, creative and of high quality
  • Must not have received this award previously

Download Form: PDF: Keys to the Future Award

ASCLS-IL Member of the Year Award

Due date: January 15

Purpose: This award serves to recognize an ASCLS-IL member who has contributed significantly over the past year or who has a long history of contribution, to the field of MLS and to the Society and who has, by outstanding example, inspired others.  The MOY selected will have his/her name submitted to ASCLS for national consideration.

Download Form: PDF: Member of the Year Award

ASCLS-IL Omicron Sigma Award

Due date: January 15

Purpose: Omicron Sigma is the ASCLS President’s Honor Roll for outstanding service.  It provides lasting recognition of those dedicated members who volunteer their personal resources, time and energy to ASCLS-IL.  Recognition is at the national, regional and state levels.

Download Form: PDF: Omicron Sigma Award

ASCLS-IL New Professional of the Year Award

Due date: January 15

Purpose: The ASCLS New Professional of the Year Award is awarded each year to recognize a member of ASCLS-IL who has contributed significantly to the field of clinical laboratory science and to the Society during his/her first to five years in the profession.

Download Form: New Professional of the Year Award


For information on the awards that are granted by the National ASCLS organization please see:


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