Core Values


Defining the characteristics of competent personnel within the profession and providing professional development opportunities so that practitioners can maintain competency are essential roles of a professional association.

Laboratory test outcomes significantly shape patients' treatment plans. The accuracy and validity of these results can dramatically influence diagnoses, potentially leading to precise diagnoses, misdiagnoses, neglected diagnostic tests, or an excess of tests. Therefore, it's imperative for scientists and other laboratory personnel to exhibit proficiency in testing procedures to ensure high-quality results.

      Promoting Excellence

Enabling laboratory professionals to function at their highest level of competence will contribute to cost effective health care.

In conjunction with competency, we advocate for the excellence of laboratory professionals to operate at their highest level of competence. This not only ensures the accuracy of test results but also contributes to cost-effective health care. While many laboratory professionals understand that timely and accurate test results and the development of new testing methodologies benefit patients, they also acknowledge the associated costs and the burden of unnecessary expenses on patients. By promoting excellence in our professionals, we aim to minimize costs associated with laboratory testing. 


Promoting diversity supports the delivery of quality laboratory service.

We believe that championing diversity enhances the delivery of quality laboratory services. Our definition of this core value is broad yet multifaceted. ASCLS proudly promotes inclusivity and advocates for all members of our society, primarily through the efforts of our Diversity Advocacy Council. From a patient safety perspective, we aim to reduce inequalities and create equity among patient populations in the laboratory. We encourage our members to identify and address discriminatory practices in both clinical and financial settings.


Dr. Glenda Price, depicted in the photo on the right, is a trailblazer in the field of medical science. She made history in 1979 when she was elected as the first African American president of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS), then known as the American Society for Medical Technology (ASMT).

Beyond her groundbreaking role in ASCLS, Dr. Price also served as the first African American president of Marygrove College from 1998 to 2006. Her leadership, mentorship, and inspirational influence have been highly recognized in both academia and the medical community.

In tribute to Dr. Price's remarkable contributions and her role in promoting diversity, ASCLS established the Glenda Price Diversity in Leadership Award. More information about this prestigious award can be found here. Dr. Price, although now retired, continues to inspire and pave the way for future leaders in the field.

Dr. Glenda Price
Past President 1979-1980


Taking a leadership role in standard and policy setting is a core professional responsibility

ASCLS encourages its members to assume leadership roles and foster efficient and safe laboratory practices for improved patient-centric healthcare. We view leadership in standard and policy setting as a fundamental professional responsibility. ASCLS educates its members extensively in patient safety and strives to effect positive changes in policy and legislation.


Advocating for quality within the laboratory is essential to the assurance of quality health care delivery.

The laboratory is often considered a hidden profession within healthcare. Regrettably, the behind-the-scenes departments are usually the ones most affected by policy changes and budget cuts. The results validated by laboratory professionals can significantly influence patients' treatment plans. ASCLS aims to uphold high standards for professionals performing high-complexity testing, and through these high standards, we advocate for patient safety.